Help men go from fumble to focus and finesse the game of life.

I am Tijuana Jackson, your unhinged mentor committed to helping men break free from America's conventional definitions of love, happiness, and success. I established the Nearapy™ Center to support men in healing and reaching their fullest potential.



My name is Tijuana Jackson, I am the only licensed Nearapist™ in the USA. I was abandoned by my father as a child, and emotionally abandoned by my mother.

As a result, I developed abandonment issues and had a very poor self esteem.

I feared rejection/abandonment more than anything, so I either kept to myself or hung out with dependent people, because subconsciously I equated dependency to loyalty.

Over the last 35 years I've done a lot of psychotherapy, mediation, journaling, reading, counseling and reconciling to get to a place of being able to speak as freely as I do about my issues.

These expereiences may influence my outlook on life and love.

As a reformed, law abiding citizen, I am obligated to inform you this is for entertainment purposes only.