My goal with Prison Logic is to redefine success as we know it and teach the world that monetary gain, social status and the acquisition of things mean nothing without purpose.

I aim to demonstrate how these three components of traditional success are all synonymous with debt and only offer temporary gratification. 

As suggested in “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl (author and survivor of an Auschwitz concentration camp), it is through servicing others that we find our greatest sense of fulfillment.

This is a lesson that our main character, Tijuana Jackson learns along his journey throughout the Prison Logic mockumentary.  

Throughout Hollywood and social media my character Tijuana Jackson is celebrated for his ability to relay profound life lessons through humor. 

So, rather than large set pieces and visual effects, I focus heavily on relationships, emotional nuances and the subtle psychological impairments of my lead characters to capture the essence of this comedic tale.